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There is nothing more tasty than bread...

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December 30, 2020
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“There is nothing more tasty than bread...” says Tinatin, a wonderful brown-eyed girl (5-year-old), clutching and kissing a loaf of bread given to her by her kind neighbors ... She is right, a loaf of bread is a festive dish in this dilapidated house, which is about to collapse and bury its unfortunate inhabitants alive ... Because, all their modest income is spent on medications... “I can't help buying medications. This means that the grandmother will die! - says mom Maya. - I cannot watch a person suffocating in front of my eyes!” Evil fate confronted this kind Georgian woman with a terrible choice: buy medications for a seriously ill old woman and leave her little daughter hungry, or buy food for the child and leave the old woman to fate... In the hope of the mercy of Lord and good people, the poor woman addressed our Fund. Because Georgians will never leave their neighbors in trouble.
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I am not scared anymore! Kind she-bear guard me and sleeps with me!

“I used to be dull, so dull” - 6-year-old Tiniko says slyly and flirts.” – And now look at me: do you see how smiley I am?” And she smiles wide with her red bow lips... It even seemed to me that the room became brighter.

“Mommy says that the Sun shines brighter when I smile. And granny says that my eyes smile too. These adults are so funny! How do they come up with such things!?"

Think over Tiniko's words, friends! As wise people say - truth comes out of the mouths of babes! As soon as we entered the house, we noticed these changes too. We really noticed them! Only six months have passed, and this is what happened - just look at these photos to compare.

What do you think? Does the Sun shine brighter? Has your soul gotten warmer? Yes, this is the same girl - 6-year-old Tiniko! The girl had no toys, she painted them on the wall and talked to them. And now she has a huge bear that plays with her, helps her to learn lessons, and the bear is by her even when the baby falls asleep! He guards the soul of the Angel! All children in the world, every one of them are Angels of God!

However, there is one problem: Tiniko says that she cannot hug her favorite bear. It is so big! And for some reason she calls him “she-bear”

Well, let this big plush toy be she-bear. Although they called it “bear” in a store. But do the sellers understand anything about childhood fantasy?! Moreover, of the little one who saw toys only from her friends...

Stop! People! Can you realize what have you done? Did you help one more family? No! You came closer to our Lord! You have done what He asked you to do!

“Now I can receive guests like a real Georgian! - Maya smiles. - it used to be a shame! There was no place to sit people. The Lord sees everything and rewards people for good deeds. I ask Him to grant health and well-being to everyone who helped us, who decided to be by us."

- You met some of our readers in person, right?

Maya: How nice it turns out to be in the spotlight, to get so much warmth! Almost immediately people started calling and coming to visit us. You just published the post on your Facebook page, and someone immediately called me. I thought: “Is it already?” At first, I was at a loss, but then I pulled myself together and told them my address. Irma Zakaraya from Tskaltubo came to visit us on Christmas. She is a very sweet woman. We made friends with her. We often call each other and talk.

Tiniko: Do you know what Irma had in her bag?

- I’d like to know. So?

Tiniko: There were Elsa’s trainers and princess dress. I will put it on and come back!

I am waiting for you!

Maya: My daughter often asked me for that and finally she got that. You have no idea what she went through that day. She barely fell asleep because of joyful excitement.

On Tiniko's birthday, February 27, employees of one NGO came to visit us and brought a gift and sweets to congratulate her. They were the ones who brought her a teddy bear. By the way, this NGO helped us a lot.

(The she-bear at its post. Now Tiniko will never be afraid to sleep alone!)

Tiniko: Did you see my computer! None of my friends has a computer like that! Now they will know how much does the whole Georgia love me! They gave themselves airs because I was poor. (The baby keeps chatting.)

Maya: They saw your post, got interested in our family and while visiting us for the first time they gave us a 100 GEL worth food voucher. Then they addressed the town hall to remind them once again about the state of the house of the Asatiani family. That water flowed in all rooms. I would say that the joint efforts brought the result. The first was your post, then people took up our case. As the result the town hall allocated 1000 GEL to us.

- It’s good!

Maya: We purchased 27 tin sheets. But this will be enough only for half of the roof. We did not start the repairs yet. We need 1500 GEL more to cap the whole roof.

- Why did they stop on a half-way? Did you show them the calculations?

Maya: Mrs. Darejan Mikutadze from the NGO communicates with the town hall. Probably they will allocate the rest of the amount too.

(Tiniko comes to the middle of the room)

Tiniko: Here is my princess dress.

- It suits you so well! Do you know why? Because you are a princess, and it is exactly for you!

(Tiniko happily smiles)

Tiniko: The trainers are blue and there are cartoon characters on them. (She bends down, points with her finger.) I have new books too. Fairy tales.

- Do you just listen, or do you read yourself?

Tiniko: I can tell you those which my mother read to me. I know how the word "wolf" is spelled.

- I see, you know a lot.

(Tiniko smiles.)

Maya: I teach my daughter, prepare her for school. She will become a schoolgirl this September. But alas, the only one in the class. There are almost no children in our village. Just seven kids in the whole school. People left - there are many abandoned houses in the village. There are only 60 of us living in the village.

We have school wifi, and Tiniko can use her new computer. She learned to count to ten in English, it is very convenient to study mathematics. Shortly, it turned to be very useful present. Besides that, there are my daughter’s favorite cartoons stored in the computer: “Peppa Pig”, “Emily”, “Mickey Mouse”. I’d like to express my gratitude to the employees of the Fund for their advertency and attentive attitude.

- Maya, although we are pleased, but please, don’t thank us. It was the friends of our Fund who did that. There are 30 thousand of them all over Georgia! They are mostly not very rich people. They are messengers of God!

Tiniko: One day uncle Zura came and brought me colored jellies.

Maya: Tiniko recalls our guests now. I had no chance to finish the story. I don’t remember surnames, but Zura came from Tbilisi. We still have supplies left from what he has brought us: buckwheat, sugar. He brought us a lot of stuff; I was even surprised how he managed to bring it all by a minibus. A bag of wheat flour, five liters of vegetable oil, lobio, pasta, clarified butter, two chickens, cookies, sweets. The child did not know which candy to start with. If any of the neighbors came to visit us at that time, she boasted: “Look, how many sweets I have!”

I would also like to mention Aleko Asatiani. He came to visit us on Christmas after Church service and handed us gifts.

Many thanks to all of you - both to those who came to visit me personally and those who helped at a distance! You gave me strength and brought me back motivation to be active, to struggle for better life. We were lost for a while because of problems. But we must rise, we must do that...

- Have you got a plan?

Maya: I really want to earn enough money to buy cow, so that I could keep my family. I used to make cheese and sell it. Everyone knew I had a delicious cheese. But then my cow and calf died. I want my daughter to have everything what I was not lucky enough to see. I really want to create normal conditions for my child.

Poverty drains the soul. Now my girl sees what a normal house should be like - with refrigerator, washing machine, furniture. Do you like our sofa? It is nice, isn’t it? We bought it in Gorgia store in Kutaisi. I am sociable, I have always loved guests. But I was embarrassed to invite them to my place. We had no chairs at home. I am not embarrassed anymore. What interested my daughter - is a washing machine.

Tiniko: It has its own smell, I checked it.

- How did you check it?

Tiniko: The same day when they brought it. I just opened the window in the middle and sniffed. It smelled like a new.

- And now?

Tiniko: Now it smells like a detergent.

- What a curious girl you are!

Tiniko: When it finishes to wash it starts blinking with its eyes. It says: “Switch me off!”

- Little curious nose!

Tiniko: Ma’am, I want to know everything in advance. When I become a big girl, I will be able to do everything.

Maya (smiling): She argues with me why I don't assign her more work around the house. She looks after her grandmother like a real nurse. She brings her water, gives her medications on a schedule, washes her feet.

- Good girl! How does grandmother Gogona feel? Maybe she needs medications?

Maya: Her condition is not stable, it changes all the time. She is okay right now, but the next moment she can get bad. You helped us a lot with medications. We never used to buy Cardiomagnyl for more than ten days. Thanks to the Fund, we din’t have to worry about this for two months. Our grandmother takes medications permanently: Cardiomagnyl, Corsiz, painkillers for a headache, diuretics. She needs them all the time. It is still very cold in our house. Even now, when summer is coming, we stoke the stove so that our grandmother does not catch a cold.

- So, the half-paid roof remains to be the problem?

Maya: Yes, we are on hold.


Friends, if you have not entered yet little Tinatin's fan club, I can guarantee you will do it when you hear her charming voice and see her face in person. This baby is smart and developed beyond her years. I would like her to be happy and achieve a lot  - to glorify our Motherland - Georgia - with her talents and stories about the kindness of her compatriots.

And furthermore, so that grandmother Gogona does not freeze and has all the necessary medications.  For the village to live and prosper, and not die... What we can do ourselves right now is to help this particular family.

If you have a heavy heart because of everyday problems or unresolved issues, as a distraction just see our posts on Facebook, or better dial the number of any of our beneficiaries. Call them and you will forget about your problems. Because they are nothing in comparison with the problems of those to whom you opened your good heart and came to help in the most difficult moment of their life. We want to express our gratitude on behalf of all employees of our Fund.

Our problems are noting if compared... Here are true misfortunes, in front of your eyes! Just thank the Lord for what you have. You are the happiest person in the world! Remember this and help those in need.

One more thing: we ought not to forget to start raising funds to buy a cow - the most beautiful and well-groomed one! Let the Sun shine brighter!

Unfortunately, problems of this and other families do not end here and now... Therefore, from time to time, look through the stories of unhappy people on our website, talk to them. Every time you dial the Phone of an unhappy person, God is blessing you! For sure! Go on helping these families! This is the best service to the Lord!

Your kindness is a chance for yourself to be happy in everything!

Friends, thanks again to all!

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Let's believe that helping others, we take care of our own souls and draw closer to Lord through the suffering that we share with others!

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