Chernovetskyi Charity Fund

If you don't want to freeze, jump ...

“In my dreams my mother always smiles, but in reality she cries and cries,” says 12-year-old boy Yura sadly. Little Anna immediately joins our conversation: - We really, really love our mom! Let me teach you how she teaches us to warm our fingers. Do you know how?! - Why do I need it? - I ask the girl. - You are so funny! You are already an adult, but you don't know why! If it gets cold, they can break. Or don't you need your fingers? “Misfortune literally haunts me,” poor mother Araksi cries bitterly. - My husband kidnapped me, then betrayed and abandoned me; my parents turned their backs on me... And a year ago my father died, he used to be our only support and protection ... We are alone in this world and absolutely no one needs us!"
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