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Mommy, don't cry, I'm with you!

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February 11, 2021
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“Sleep, my dear, I am with you, I am near! Do not be afraid! Breathe calmly, I will help ... I would breathe instead of you if I could, I would suffer instead of you, and not together with you if I could! Mommy, you are meaning of my life. Do not leave me!" 33-year-old Bacho repeats these words as a prayer and looks into the eyes of his mother during her attacks of suffocation.
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God, let me return the favor to these kind people with the same kindness!


Louisa Jojua and her son Bacho. Our last story was about the troubles and hardships that this family had to go through: their expulsion from Abkhazia, their personal losses, mother's excruciating illness. We left them with a heavy heart, calling all our readers, all of Georgia to help them.

But we always come back to bring the good news. We are back with victory. All together we have defeated despair and suffering. Look at Mrs. Louisa's smile! It is worth a lot, it is priceless, when you know what this wonderful woman went through. This smile is your merit, it’s a reward to each of you! Well-done, friends!

Bacho and his mother Louisa are no longer alone. Thanks to you, Bacho has more time and energy to quickly sort our housework and take care of his sick mother. “A miracle happened - thanks to you my biggest dream came true,” - Bacho says, hugging his mother tightly. - “Maybe the Lord will hear me again? I believe in Him!"

“We were so happy! I even forgot about my sores. Our fridge is full. What a happy life!”

- Bacho, it looks like a lot has happened since our post was published. How has your life changed?

Bacho: I still often can't hold back my tears. It is difficult to express with words the immense gratitude that my mother and I feel. You can't even imagine what a huge joy it was when they brought a refrigerator and a washing machine to us! I could hardly buy food on credit before, and it was impossible to store it for a long time - it was going bad in a very short time. I wanted to cry when I had to throw away food. It was especially hard in the summer. My mother and I often went hungry. Because we cannot afford the luxury of buying groceries every day. I had to devote a lot of time to household chores. It is not easy for a man to cook, wash, and clean all the time!

I want to say a huge thank you to all those who did not stay indifferent to our trouble and helped us. I realize that often the money was cut off from someone's family budget. All these people also have their own problems that need to be solved. But they are still so kind that they help others. God, let me return the favor to these kind people with the same sensitivity and kindness!

“My son took the entire housework on him.It’s such a help for Bacho, such a salvation! "

- Bacho, your family got many new friends after the publication. Would you like to single out any of them?

Bacho: I would like to cordially thank everyone who provided us help and called us with the words of support. I want to say a special thank you to the person who sent the inhaler for my mom. She can forget now about her terrible suffocation attacks for a while. My mother's condition during the seizures has eased. Unfortunately, I cannot name this person publicly, but the Lord knows his name, and He will reward him. I can only say that he is a migrant from Georgia, who lives in the United States now, and his mother, who remained in her homeland, suffers from asthma. Our problems are familiar and close to him. By the way, he read the post in America, and he immediately reacted - he sent us an inhaler. When we learned that it was about to be brought here from Kutaisi, we got so happy! It was a huge gift and a relief for us! Every time my mother started suffocating because of fit of coughing, my heart skipped a beat! Now I can sleep soundly and have time for a part-time job.

- How did the local authorities react to your problem?

Bacho: Almost in no way, to be honest. We managed to register our small apartment of 35 square meters - thanks for that. But they thought that this was more than enough, and they forgot about us. Although I know for sure that they read your article about us. What will the social assistance of 100 GEL be enough for? What food can you buy with this money? What medications can you purchase for your sick mother?

- And didn't they show up even before the elections?

Bacho: You know, this time no one even bothered themselves much. (Bacho smiles skeptically.) Previously, at least they worked to promise something and formally gave you something scanty. And now they are too lazy even to do this - no one came. And we don’t believe them. The help and support of ordinary people, the support of your Fund is much more important for us.

- Our readers will be pleased to hear this and know that their efforts have made you a little bit happier.

Bacho: You really help. Not in words, but in deeds. I will answer with the words of my mother. Not believing her eyes when a washing machine and a refrigerator appeared in our house, she said in Megrelian: “Son, we've disturbed so many people! I will not take all this to the next world, so use these gifts yourself. And no matter how many times you look at them, never forget those people who gave you this happiness, and never get tired of doing good."

Mom gave me the order: "Remember and pay with kindness"

- What a wonderful mother! May God grant her a very long life, strength and health.

Bacho: I was worried about her so much. And what you have done is not just a gift. This is a contribution to her life. And this is all thanks to your post. When your mother suffocates, grabs her throat with her hands, turns blue in front of your eyes and you realize that you can do nothing for her, you can go crazy! You call an ambulance and, with a shuddering heart, you count the minutes, even seconds, until the doctors arrive. And your mom convulsively gasps for air, holds your hand and looks with a fading gaze directly into your eyes. And you are simply helpless, tears choke you, but you cannot help her in any way, because there is no medication. That's how we lived!

 Thanks to God and that good man! Now mom can help herself with the inhaler. When we call an ambulance, she can hold on quite calmly until it arrives. And you know how much energy the housework takes. Mom cannot do anything around the house, she completely depends on me. I could not even imagine before how much time a washing machine saves! Now I can devote the time that I have freed up to my mother. Although she wants me to arrange my life.

- And what do you think? Has anything changed in your personal life, Bacho?

Bacho: Nothing changed so far. I hope for the Lord's mercy in this matter.  Everything that happens in our life is His will.

Like your Fund coming to us. You came to help us at the most critical moment. We will never forget that. This is a manifestation of God's mercy, it means that my prayers to the Almighty have been heard. I could not even imagine before that there are so many kind people around. And this is a real life lesson that the Lord taught me!

- What message would you convey to all disadvantaged people, whose lives started to resemble hell, for various reasons?

Bacho: At first, I was embarrassed to ask someone for help. But I realized that I had to save my mother. And that's why I wrote to you. And now I know for sure that I was not mistaken. Now we have hope that we are not alone in trouble. I realized that there are people who are ready to lend a helping hand and support us. And they have really helped! So, I want to tell people who are in trouble, like my mother and I - believe, act, do not fall into despair and do not give up! God will certainly hear you.

- Bacho, what other help do you and your mom need? What is vital for you, what are you dreaming about? We realize that your mother's disease has not gone away, and tomorrow you may face new problems. Let's try to solve them together.
  Bacho: Thanks a lot! I feel awkward talking about it. Although, our problems have not gone away indeed, in particular our financial problems. Out of 100 GEL of social allowance, it is almost impossible to allocate any money to buy medications for my mother.  She needs pills to stabilize her blood pressure, to relieve suffocation attack, to improve her breathing. They are very expensive. Especially those that really help and improve her condition. I know that soon I will be spending nights at her bedside again so as not to miss an attack, because the inhaler does not last forever. And I will hold her hand again. And God forbid me to let it out!

It is hard to pay for utilities, but I still can somehow solve it. We save electricity and water as much as possible. If Mom has medications, I will have more time to work. And I can earn more. And of course, I have somehow to arrange my personal life. I am already 33 years old. Mom would like to wait for her grandchildren. (Bacho smiles.) And I cannot leave her for days, because for any person a mother is the most important person!

“My decision to write to you was really great! You saved my mom"


Friends, let's all together help the Jojua family, not letting sick Louisa and her caring son Bacho be left alone with their problems! The sick woman still needs expensive medications, and her son needs peace of mind about his mother's health and the opportunity to devote time to work. They pray to God and ask for help!

So, over and over again, let us unite with love and help the Jojua family.

You can call Bacho yourself or visit them in Martvili, in the refugee settlement, Mshvidoba street, house 114, apartment 5.

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Let's believe that helping others, we take care of our own souls and draw closer to Lord through the suffering that we share with them!

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