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My mom has the most gentle and beautiful hands

March 18, 2021       1524
“Do you know what hurts the most? When they point a finger at you and laugh, mock you ... not even behind your back, they tell you to your face the hurtful words, they call you the janitor's daughter, a beggar, dirty… Like it's a shame if a man works as a janitor. My mom sweeps the streets and I don’t think it’s an unworthy job! And when I grow up, even if I become a big, big boss, in spite of bad people, I will take a broom and help her! " - the saddest brown eyes in the world look at me - two bottomless lakes of tears ... For 12 years, Irma has endured so much ridicule and humiliation from her peers, as no adult could have withstood. Ill-mannered kids keep name-calling her.
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As if it's a shame that a person works as a janitor, - continues Irma. - My mom gets up early in the morning, when everyone is still asleep, and goes to work, does not matter what is the weather like - is it wind, or frost, or rain. She makes all possible so that we have food. And so that daddy has medications. When she comes back home tired and frozen, I make a hot tea for her. I take her hands into mine and warm them - her rough, calloused hands... Thank her for what she does for us. I dream to buy a hand cream for her to put it on her hands.

Witnessing this terrible situation makes your blood freeze...This little long-suffering girl, who became an adult too early, is all alone in the whole world. The tender-hearted neighbor told us that girl’s parents are intellectually disabled. Where they used to live before and how did they find themselves here - nobody knows. It was she who addressed our Fund seeing how helpless this family is, how they need our support.

Irma: Is there any way not to ask questions to my mom? I will tell you everything myself... My mom is sick, and she might not understand you.

- Can you tell me what’s wrong with your mom? What is she sick with?

Irma: I don’t know the exact name... (The girl looks away). Don’t think anything, she is the kindest and most affectionate mom in the world! She and I understand each other very well ... And I understand my dad too, although he can hardly talk...

-  Have your parents always lived here?

Irma: I remember only this house... I’ve heard as mommy said once that they hired her to take care of daddy - so they met and got married. I’ve never lived anywhere else - I went to a kindergarten nearby and to school... On Sundays we go to church with my father, it’s also nearby... They sometimes give us clothes and food there.

- What do you live on?

Irma: Well, both my mom and dad have got a plastic cards, they get their pensions there. My mom also works as janitor - she goes to work early in the morning and comes back on noon, so that I could go to school.

- Why your dad can’t take care of baby Mariam?

Irma: His hand and foot ache and he can hardly walk... Sometimes he forgets to dress Mari and put her shoes on, so she runs around the house barefoot, on an earth floor. And catches cold!If neither me, nor mom are at home, we leave her with our neighbor - she is very kind woman... She made a cake for my birthday! Can you imagine, the whole neighborhood gathered, and I had a real fest!

- Do you have any other relatives? Grandmothers or grandfathers?

Irma: I have a grandmother, my mom’s mother, she lives in a village nearby and I sometimes visit her. But not for a long time, I don’t want to leave my sister alone. My mother works and dad cannot take care of her.

- What does your mother usually cook?

Irma: Well, I don’t know. She boils potatoes or fries them. I can also cook! I can make fried eggs!

- Well-done, you are almost adult! Do you like school?

Irma: Well, actually, not too much... Or rather I like it, but I have nothing to put on when the weather is bad - neither shoes, nor clothes. (The girl lowered her eyes in embarrassment.) Well, and my studies do not go very smoothly. I love mathematics, but it is quite difficult and incomprehensible for me. But I really like Georgian language.

- What is your favorite tale or fairy tale?

Irma: It’s Sizmara, a fairy tale about a man, who sees very interesting dreams.

- Do you see good dreams, Irma? What are you dreaming about?

Irma: I dream to learn hard, work and earn a lot of money to cure my mom and dad! (The girl blurted it out in one breath.)

- What do you think you need most now?

Irma: I need fridge and a washing machine. (Irma answered seriously, like an adult. She said - “I need” and not “we need” It’s clear that all the house work is her business) We are poor, we have nothing. Everything we have in home is old and broken. I don’t have a computer, that’s why I had to miss all lessons while we were studying on-line...


  Friends, little Irma is only 12 years old, but she carries an unbearable burden on her weak shoulders. Her mom and dad are disabled, and her little sister Mari is only two years old. The family lives in poverty - their tiny room is damp, dirty and cold; and the baby walks barefoot on the earthen floor ... Irma has the hardest time, because she clearly understands in what a dire situation she is, she withstands with her teeth clenched, realizing what a huge responsibility she has. She and her family really need our support.

  The family will be grateful for any help: foodstuffs, clothes and shoes for children, a washing machine, fridge, and basic utensils.  Irma has not got a computer, so she is unable to learn remotely.

  You can visit them and provide all possible help to the Bogveradze family.Their address is: Chiatura, Zeda Naguti settlement, 45 Gogebashvili Str, second floor.

  Please repost our publication. Let your friends know about the grief of this family! It’s extremely important!

  God gives us chances to care about people who are unable to take care of themselves. Do not pass by someone else's trouble! Those poor people are sent to us by heaven so that we could prove not by words, but in deeds that we trust in God!

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    We have already helped many disadvantaged people! Let’s support the Bogveradze family too, as no one is immune to bad luck! And who knows, maybe someday we ourselves will need help of strangers!

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