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How does sick and old "she-wolf" live?

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April 14, 2021
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"If I cannot walk, if I will have to crawl on my knees - I will not abandon my grandchildren, I will not allow them to feel bad, I will not leave them... Until my last breath, I will be with them and will do everything possible so that they are not left alone!" Eight-year-old Jony, 11-year-old Luka, and 12-year-old Nino have a Guardian Angel named Nunu. She is a mom, grandmom, and friend for them. She lived a hard life, she is seriously sick, she needs care and attention, but the hard fate befell her - to bring up her grandchildren who do not have a mother.
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We rejoice in every new day! But it would be nice not to freeze.


Every new day brings so much joy and so many new opportunities!

 “I am happy that I can study!”

Until recently, most of the things that are familiar and simple for us, were just a dream for grandmother Nunu and her three grandchildren. And today, thanks to you, smiles shine on their faces! They got so many gifts, so much food, they heard so many kind words of support!

The Milorava family lives in an old house in the village of Nosiri. We told you their story a few months ago, and it struck a chord in the hearts of many people. “I am so happy for my grandmother! I am happy that now she will not wash in ice-cold water! 12-year-old Nino smiles and strokes Granny Nunu on the shoulder. - She is our angel!

But this angel is severely ill - she is afflicted with two frightful ailments. But Nunu holds on! She holds on for the sake of the children left by their own mother. Love fills her heart, children’s smiles give her strength to live. This family needs so little to be happy... And we can still help them!

 “Now it will be much easier for us. Life has already become easier for us!"

- Nunu, I see that many problems do not scare you and your family as they used to. Has anything changed since we published an article about you?

Nunu: We used to have a very difficult time, indeed. Children grow up, and their needs and desires grow as well. I always did my best to give them everything they needed, but it was not an easy job.I'm not used to asking other people for help, I get embarrassed. But I had no other choice, I am seriously ill: I have diabetes and a tumor. I tried so hard to cope by myself, but I couldn't. We almost had no money for anything.

And when you told people about our problem, I believed in a miracle. So many kind people responded and helped us! They came to visit us with gifts, they brought clothes, food. We are grateful for each piece of bread you brought! You know, people tried to hide their pity from us so that we would not feel miserable. I am very grateful for this. We felt that we were not alone, that we could cope with all our problems! I pray for the people who heard us and helped. (Nunu turns away, hiding her tears.) God bless you…

“It became much easier to cook food for our big family”

- Nunu, I am sure there are people you remember the most.

Nunu: I am grateful to everyone for their boundless kindness and empathy, to everyone who has taken our story to heart. The children were really happy to see those who came to visit us. They often looked out of the window for guests and chased each other to meet them. (Laughs.) You know, there are several people in the village who help poor families. They go to rich houses, collect food, clothes, various things. And from time to time, they bring them to us. I will never forget how happy they made my grandchildren! The children love when they visit us, they chat for a long time, play, spend time together. As far as I know, these guys support not only us. They are such nice, good people! God bless them!

“We have already learned how to wash!”

- Nunu, is there anyone you’d like to single out? To express your special thanks to anyone?

Nunu: There is one very nice guy. His name is Giorgi, he lives in the village of Khorshi. When he read about our troubles, he called me and asked in detail what the children want and what we need. He spoke to me so warmly, he listened so attentively! (Smiles). And the next day a car stopped at our gates - Giorgi came! Imagine, he brought us foodstuffs.  He made us very happy, I am happy that there are such wonderful young people in Georgia.

 “I wonder how everything is arranged inside?”

- Nunu, did the local authorities contact you after we published an article about you? Maybe they offered you help?

Nunu: There was no reaction at all. I get only social allowance from the state, nothing else. Nobody contacted me. The authorities do not care about our situation, about how we are coping. (Nunu waved her hand.) I ceased waiting for their help long time ago.

But kind people from well-known non-governmental organizations contacted me. They made a video about us and offered to open a bank account - thanks to them for that.

 “Now we often read together”

- Nunu, I’d like to talk to your grandchildren too. Jony, what gifts did you get? What made you feel really happy?

Jony (8-year-old): A lot of them! There were so many pleasant surprises during this time! And so many good people have become our friends! But most of all I was happy to get a tablet. I hold it in my hands all the time. It was my dream! (Laughs and jumps.) To be clear, there were two of them, and now there is only one left - the phone.

“I will study my favorite science!”

- Congratulations, Jony, this is wonderful! Dreams should come true! Probably, you already installed a couple of games?

Jony: What are you talking about! I don’t play, I make my school tasks here. My teacher calls me, asks questions, and I have to give the correct answers to them. As for my interests, I really love history. I read a lot, listen, and watch videos about various historical facts. I have big plans for the future! (He got serious.) I will achieve a lot in my life, you’ll see. I swear. I will become a famous person and will help everyone in need!

- Well done! I believe in you - you will achieve a lot! Nino, what about you? Which present made you feel really happy?

Nino (12-year-old): The most important gift was a washing machine for my dear grandmother. I dreamed about it. Grandma used to wash things in cold water. I wanted to ease her suffering, I tried to help so many times, but she never let me help her, she always cherished me. It will be much easier for her now. (Hugs her granny.) I am really happy about it. (Kisses her grandmother Nunu.) And I was also very happy to get a tablet! Well, I was not just happy - I was in the seventh heaven! (Laughs.) I really love arts, especially music. But it was something unreachable, inaccessible to me. And now I can find everything I like! I want to become a dancer. And now I watch videos, learn different dance moves.  I will learn to move beautifully, I will learn the good manners, and my dream will certainly come true. I am very happy!

“We have so many new possibilities now! Thank you!”

- Nino, what a beautiful dream you have. I really wish you success! Nunu, what changes happened in your life?

Nunu: You can’t even imagine what it feels like to know about your terrible diagnoses and to realize that no one will help these children but you... Sometimes I fell into despair! I was scared. I was afraid that tomorrow they would have nothing to eat, that I would be left alone with my problems. Can you imagine how difficult it is to maintain hope for happiness? But! I have never lost faith in the Lord. And I won't lose it! People who demonstrated their empathy and responded, who helped us - they not only give us joy, they just saved us from death. Our salvation would have been impossible without them. And I am happy to see smiles on the faces of my grandchildren! They’ve got so many new opportunities.

  “Now music has filled my life!”

- Do you have any other wishes? Maybe there are any problems our friends can help you to solve?

Nunu: Oh, I am so grateful to them and I do owe them everything. It's hard for me to ask for more. But still there is one problem. If this problem was mine, I would live with it, not paying attention to it. But I'm so worried about my grandchildren. (Sighs.) Winter has come and we have no firewood. I'm afraid the kids will freeze. What we need right now is heating. I addressed the authorities, asked to help us with firewood, but there was no answer so far. Hope they will help. What else is left? Only hope.


This wonderful family needs your help! Children have very simple dreams - they do not need stars from the sky. Eight-year-old Jony really wants to do sports. Luka, like Jony, is fond of studying history at his eleven - they have a lot in common. And Nino, who recently turned twelve, dreams to appear on stage wearing a beautiful dress and performing a Georgian folk dance.

Nunu, their grandmother, is raising her grandchildren alone and is seriously ill. She can't do without our help. Only with our joint efforts we will manage to make dreams of these children come true. It is so easy! Having done a work of mercy, you will immediately feel warmth in your soul, your heart will be filled with happiness and joy. Because the most important thing in the world is helping those in need!

If you have a heavy heart because of everyday problems or unresolved issues, as a distraction just visit our Facebook page and read the stories of other people. You will understand that fate is sometimes cruel to people, striking them without ceasing.

When you call to any of our beneficiaries you will forget about your problems. Because when you open your heart to those in need, help others, you give them hope for happiness! And you become happier yourself!

After reading the stories of these people, you will know what true misfortunes are. You will learn about severe lessons of fate, you will know how mercilessly it breaks people day after day... And you will realize that you are a happy person! It is a real pleasure to share a piece of your happiness with others!

The problems of this and other families do not end there. There are always those who are in dire need of our help. Any support matters in the most difficult moment of life. So, from time to time, just look through the stories published on our website. Every time you dial the phone of an unhappy person, God is blessing you! Indeed!  Helping others is the best service to the Lord!

Friends, there is one more request: if you know about the misfortune of a neighbor or friend do a godly deed, drop us an email at:

Your kindness will make you happy, indeed!

Friends, thanks again to all!

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Let's believe that helping others, we take care of our own souls... And we draw closer to Lord through the suffering that we share!

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