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Wearing cast-offs. You don’t care about luxury when you have to survive!

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May 4, 2021
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“I always wear someone’s old clothes - I have no other. It is disgusting, but my mother cannot buy me anything new... Ma’am, you know - we are poor!" - 11-year-old Carlo addresses me with these words. He shyly lowers his eyes, where one can see hurt and sadness, as if the boy had matured ahead of time, having understood that life is unfair.
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I am so grateful to everyone - my mom was still alive when we received your gifts! How happy she was! May her soul rest in peace! And I know that she prays to God for all good people!


Remember my mommy like that, kind people! She was the kindest person in the world!

When we first came to the Khizanashvili family to write an article about their extreme need, Ia's beloved mother, Duta and Salome's grandmother, was still alive.

When they got gifts from you, friends, she still managed to rejoice at them together with her loved ones. She was really happy! You cannot even imagine how grateful she was to the kind people who took their misfortune so close to their hearts. And now, only the memories of her smile and joy in her last days help Ia and her children to survive the pain of losing her. Thank you all for this!

Do you know, our dear friends, what did the children - Duta and Salome - say about your gifts? Listen: "It’s very tasty! I can’t stop eating,” - Salome asked to convey this to you. Mommy's gentle princess! She missed sweets so much that the big box of waffles made the biggest impression on her.

And mother's helper, advisor and right hand - Duta - appreciated the home appliances: "So cool! Mom won't have to wash in cold water anymore!"

He already knows how it feels. Mom's health condition worries the 11-year-old boy the most!

You were so attentive, so empathetic to their trouble! You have passed the tests together with them. From now on, the Khizanashvili family considers you their friends and protectors. But the tests are not over, they still need our support.

“I missed the waffles so much! Very much! I can even overeat! But then I will certainly share it with others. Here is a lot of them”

- Ia, we share the pain of your loss. We are still by you. Our readers would like to know how you live now, after the publication of the post?

Ia: First of all, thanks to everyone who took our misfortune to heart and made the hearts of my children and sick mother happy. Now it is especially difficult for me to talk about this, since my mother recently died. Not much time has passed... You should have seen how she blessed you when we got your gifts, how happy she was! Thank you for brightening up her last days and not letting her take her sorrow for us to the grave. My mother blessed everyone from the bottom of her heart! When she blessed someone, it seemed that God Himself was blessing through her.

After the operation, any housework became difficult for me. You helped me a lot, you helped me very much! The refrigerator and washing machine took the load off me. We now live in the house of the father of my children. Yes, this is our news. We brought your gifts here - a refrigerator and a washing machine.

After the death of my mother, we were left homeless - our relatives kicked us out and sold the house. Before her death, my mother felt that this would happen and asked me to move to the house of the father of my children so that we would have a roof over our heads. And indeed, he sheltered us for a while.

- The tests are not over yet ...

Ia: I want to say that you went through these difficulties with us. Friends, your good deeds and support, help us to hold on.

A lot of people responded despite the difficult situation, despite this damned disease - the covid - that took my poor mother, despite the financial crisis that everyone experiences now. I appreciate that very much. Some of you came in person, brought gifts and toys to that old house. No matter how lost I am now after my mother's death, I am really moved by your attention and care. You never forget to look around, to see other people's troubles. You noticed my family too and helped us to get rid of our problems. It's amazing, it's a talent to have such open hearts.

Duta: "When I will start earning money, I will buy everything for Mom and Salome, and our refrigerator will always be full." Salome: “You’ll buy me chocolate cream and glazed curd bars. Okay?”

- What about the local authorities? Did they react somehow to our post? Did anyone contact you?

Ia: Yes, fortunately, I must say that they showed attention to us and brought us firewood for the winter, just a few days ago. They give money to some and help others in this way. We constantly need firewood - it’s number one priority in winter. I am grateful to the local government for this.

- It, it is very important for us to know, are your children - Duta and Salome - happy? Are they happy with our gifts?

Ia: I will call them, and you will see and hear yourself. Of course, they are! Children have not eaten sweets for months, they just dreamed of them, and then they got a huge box of sweets! They were so happy! They were crunching the waffles with all their might!

My children grew up early, they became independent due to my illness. They already know how to use new home appliances - a refrigerator and a washing machine, they know how useful it is. They have to do most of the housework. Duta was especially glad that my and his work would be easier.

“Granny, everything is fine with us, don’t worry there! (Turns to the portrait). Duta has already learned to wash, but I have not yet ”

- Here are the kids. Well, what did you like the most? What made you happy the most?

Duta: I am happy that good people still exist. They made sure that my mother did not get very tired and made our work easier. Very often I brought water myself and washed with hands to help my mother. Now I don't have to do this anymore.

You also thought about Salome - bought her a lot of sweets. I still cannot buy her sweets myself, but I am glad that you fulfilled her wish.

Salome: Granny was glad that we would live well and that we had beautiful gifts. Granny looks at what we are doing. (Turns to the portrait). She knows all our news.

- Yes, dear.

“Without home appliances, housework used to be a punishment. |It was so hard for mom and me. The gifts are very cool, thank you!"

- Ia, we know that you still need a lot of things. But it is better to hear it from you - what do you need urgently, right now?

Ia: Duta has one dream, but he is embarrassed to say, he does not want to bother anyone.

- Duta, can you tell us straight forward, without being embarrassed? So, your dream will have a chance to come true.

Duta: You helped us so much, how can I ask for anything else? But you know, it’s just a necessity, otherwise I would not tell you. I have no computer, but we are partly online and partly offline. It is very difficult for me when we switch to distance learning, because neither I nor my sister can attend lessons. It would be nice to have a computer, and Salome dreams of a phone. She’s just very shy and cannot ask you herself. We want to learn. I don't want to lag behind. I want to have a good job in the future to buy new clothes for my mother and Salome. Anything they want...


Friends!These are the words of a sixth grader who takes care of his sick mother and younger sister like an adult man. He chops wood, carries water, he can even cook. At the same time, he goes to school, draws very well, and knows that one day he will ease his mom's pain. But for now, he needs to get a good education. And this takes years. And these years will certainly change the life of Ia and her children for the better.

Friends, we hope for you again. Let us be a support for this wonderful family. Let's make childhood easier for this boy who grew up so fast and his sister, so that they can fulfill their dreams and make their mother happy!

The address of the Khizanishvili family is: Bolnisi Municipality, village Rachisubani.

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