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Five very hungry kids!

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July 5, 2021
“We play and run. It helps us to forget that we are hungry,”- little Gvantsa and Saba say. At such a young age, these kids already know what real hunger means.
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My children are jumping with joy!


“Whoever reaches the bed first and climbs on it, this bed is his! - shouts the mischievous Curly Gvantsa and takes off. Three-year-old Saba and even older children follow her. Gvantsa kicks off her shoes and starts jumping on the bed.

- Whoo, it’s so cool! I have my own bed!

- Mom, how can she do that? (Saba shows his mom what his little sister is up to) Gvantsa will get for this!

- She can do it today, - Ketevan smiles and is not planning to scold anyone.

- Then I want it too! I will also jump.

It is impossible to believe! These are really the same kids we told you about in our post "Five very hungry kids!".

When we showed you how they live - how they play with stones instead of toys, how they dream of eating a cutlet at least once - whole Georgia shed a tear! When we showed their sad brown eyes - they touched everyone’s heart. All together we decided that we would certainly change their lives!

“We have been fighting hunger and poverty for so many years, but only you took our grief to heart,” says Ketevan. - My children are so happy, and full of joy! I dreamed about this all the time. You gave me hope. You soothed my heart."

 “Look at Saba,” - the children laugh, - “he sat down on the washing machine as if it were his throne!”

 “We have never had such a beautiful thing. Take a photo of me next to it”

- Ketevan, the kids are having so much fun with all their hearts, and I really want to play with them. Let them to mischief, and we'll have a talk. I see that a lot of things happened to you after the post was published. Come on, tell me!

Ketevan: Okay. They rarely get joy - let them rage, go crazy, make some noise. They were deprived of everything. For so many years we have been fighting hunger and poverty, but no one except you took our sorrow to heart. And now my children are so happy! You gave them so much joy that I have no words. May the Lord reward you a hundredfold.

Thanks to you, friends, happiness and hope have settled in our house. What else could a mother of six children dream of? A mother who just recently gazed with fear into the eyes of her children, sunken with hunger and full of sadness? Now, thanks to you, we have beds, a refrigerator, and a washing machine. Imagine what it means for us to have 200 GEL worth of foodstuffs. It’s a holiday! As if all the dreams have come true. May the Lord make dreams of each of you come true. I pray to God that He would give me strength and the opportunity to repay you your kindness

“We were so happy with the gifts we got - we don't want to be sad anymore!”

- Have new people, new friends appeared in your life after this interview?

Ketevan: I met only two readers in person - they came to visit us and brought toys for the children. Thanks to each of you! Our neighbors, God bless them, always used to help us. Many thanks to everyone who took care of us. We may not know each other personally, but I already know you by your actions. You have kind, warm hearts, and you care about those who are by you. God bless you!

- Ketevan, how did the local authorities react to our post? Has anyone contacted you?

Ketevan: No one at all, as if we don’t exist. There is an abandoned school nearby. For many years we have been asking to let us move there even for a while, until we get back on our feet. They deceived us, at first saying that we needed to collect signatures of people. We collected them, but for some unclear reason they still refused us. Nothing at all now, as if we don’t exist at all.

In such a situation, help and support from the friends of the Fund is our only salvation.

"I will sleep alone!" - "And I will sleep on my bed alone!" - “Dibs on the bed that is by the window!"

 “Whoo!!! Take a picture of me when I jump! "

 "What are you doing?! You will break it!" - "And you got onto the bed too!" - says Gvantsa

- Guys, come here! Just for a second! What did you like the most out of the gifts? What made you happy?

Luka: Dato, Saba, and me liked the ball the most. We were really happy when we got the ball. We play football every day. And the girls shared the dolls among themselves, they were very beautiful. We like everything that we got. This is all ours.

- For sure you are still dreaming about something. Don't be shy. Tell our friends.

Luka: Can we ask for more? Cool! I want a car with a remote control.

Datuna: I want a bike.

Gvantsa: And I want a beautiful bike.

- Oh, honey! Like a real girl you asked for a beautiful bike.

Gvantsa (smiles, and then continues embarrassedly):Can I tell you something, ma’am? Luka and Datuna have their birthday in December, and we really want some cakes. If it will be difficult to get cakes, then let it be some sweets.

Ketevan: In October it was birthday of Gvantsa, Monica, and me and they cried because we had no cake. They really want cake, so now they finally had the courage and admitted that they really wanted it for their birthday. I'm very embarrassed. Friends of the Fund have done so much for us, they gave us so much joy - I have no words. How dare I ask for more? We will not always be in this position. It will be difficult for about five years, then the children will grow up, and I will be able to work. We will return a hundredfold for everything that good people have done for us.

- So, let's summarize children's wishes: a car with a remote control, bicycles, cakes. It's all easy to do. Our readers will read about it.

Gvantsa: Hooray! Hooray! Okay, ma’am, we have to finish playing one game. Bye! Hey, let's go! (Calls Rebeca and Saba with her, and they all run away.)

- Ketevan, so much energy and fun come from your kids. They are like Energizer batteries. The main thing for us is that hope and the joy that you feel now, have come back to your family. Although we do not forget that financial problems still remain unresolved. But the good friends of the Fund are not gone. Let's tell them what is your biggest problem right now? Can we solve it with our joint efforts?

Ketevan: Well, what can I say, the problems of poor people never end. When you sort one problem another one pops up. Still, the most important thing is the house, firewood and blankets. Now, when winter is coming, my heart is about to burst with fear. You know that this house is built of planks, my husband built it. It lets in the cold. It's as cold inside as it is outside. We need a lot of firewood. And they had forbidden to cut trees. Don't know what to do, how to keep our children warm? If we had a normal house, at least for a while, if someone let us in, I would no longer be afraid that the children would freeze in winter. And now my heart is breaking.

There is a tiny house is for sale nearby, although it has neither windows nor doors. But my husband has golden hands, he would have done everything... But where to get so much money? And winter is coming... I don't know how we will stand cold days.


Our dear friends! I can’t believe that these words will not touch your hearts! They belong to the mother of six children who live in a shabby hut. You have already done a lot to make Ketevan hoping again. Please, take her misfortune to heart once again. Let's unite one more time. Will we leave these children freezing and starving? I’d like to especially address all mothers: we know how difficult it is to raise children in this hard time. We know the cost of children's tears! Let's not leave Ketevan, Ramaz and their kids alone facing the harsh winter! When we are going to buy a bun for our children, let us recall the begging eyes of these kids. I believe that the devotion in these eyes can move mountains.

We keep fighting for the Bregvadze family. I believe in kindness and support of each of you.

The address of the Bregvadze family is: Chiatura municipality, village Sakurtse.

Please don’t forget to repost our story. Let your friends know about the grief of the Bregvadze family! It’s extremely important!

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