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Even dogs will not eat that...

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October 11, 2021
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“Mom, Andria grabbed the entire bread loaf again, now he’ll eat everything himself, he’ll leave us nothing,” - six-year-old Mari calls her mother for help. She knows that she will not be able to cope with her brother alone and that he will not give away the bread himself. Then nine-year-old Giorgi, six-year-old Mari, five-year-old Alexander will be left without bread, and only two-year-old Andria will have his fill...
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This family needs clothes the most. Clothe them, and your soul will be enveloped with God's blessings!
The mood tastes like apple, orange and raspberry 
What is brother Andria doing there? Now Dani will finish eating, and we’ll go watch
– Mommy!
 Do you allow Andria to take boxes of porridge? He takes them and puts them on the floor.
- Mari, let him play.
- Now he decorates his house with chocolate and coconut cookies. Are you still letting him do that?
Mom Inna can't stand it and laughs heartily. Baby Daniel begins to smile together with her. He does not quite understand what the conversation is about, but he recognized the boxes with his porridge.
There should be enough delicious porridge and cookies to build castles, houses, bridges and whatever you want out of them! Children from the Esebua family can now play such a sweet Lego. And thanks to you, they now can wear clean clothes, and sleep sweetly and comfortably. We passed them your main gifts: a washing machine to Inna and a bunk bed to children.
Do you remember their story?
Always, at any moment, when you have a chance and desire to help them, you can come. Their problems did not disappear overnight.
“Now I’ll put my clothes there and they’ll get washed by themselves”
- Inna, let's talk about your children first, because everything was done for them. How did they react to the gifts?
Inna: They were so happy! (Smiles.) They jumped, laughed, hugged me, raged. They said: “Mom, how cool it is! Now you won't suffer anymore." They were so happy with their new bunk bed. But they barely shared it between them: “I’ll lie down here - no, I will,” they argued for a long time. (Smiles.) The kids used to sleep with me. We were cramped, they pushed each other at night, did not fit. Nobody slept well. It’s such a big difference now.  They sleep separately, on soft mattresses, in a new bed.
Mariam (6-year-old): The porridges are very tasty. You brought them for Daniel and Andria, but we tried them all. (Smiles.) We can eat them too, not only babies. There are a lot of porridges, Daniel won’t be able to eat that much alone. We liked them. They also brought us all sorts of toys: soft and fluffy animals, a pink horse, Mickey Mouse and a princess. Most of all I liked the princess. I love Elsa very much, she has beautiful hair and dresses.
“Let me! I will sleep on this bed!
- Mari, did you get the chewing gum you wished for?”
Mariam: Yeees! Do you know how much of other goodies I got? They brought me a lot of chewing gums, and they are all different! With apple flavor, with raspberry, banana, and orange. And with melon. I love it! I came to such a good mood. I treated everyone at home, except for Daniel and Andria. They can't chew it. Do you know what else I liked?
- Not yet.
Mariam: Mom's hands are soft now. They used to be so rough.
Inna: She noticed that. (Smiles.)
Mariam: When she stroked my cheek, she always scratched me. Because my mother washed our clothes in cold water with her hands. And her hands were not like other women's. She doesn't do that anymore. You gave her a washing machine, and my mother doesn't get tired that much.
Andria also wants this bed
- Inna, we are so happy that these changes happened.
Inna: You are like a hamster on a wheel when you don't have a washing machine in a large family. I needed this thing like air. In winter, it is very difficult to wash the clothes of five children with hands. 
It is very hard to live without basic things. We used to live like this for long. We had no beds. I was so happy and surprised that so many strangers are worried about us. My mood has changed, now I have hope. I keep thinking how lucky we are. They treated us with so much love! Thank you very much, friends!
Let’s stop quarreling! We will fit all
- Inna, which of your new friends do you remember the most? Would you like to single out someone?
Inna: After the publication of the post, complete strangers started coming to us. They brought clothes, toys for children, food, hygiene products. It was so new and amazing! Natia Jakeli gave us two mattresses, two pillows, a blanket, and clothes. I will never forget such kindness and such attention. Another man came, I don’t remember his name - let him forgive me. He literally threw a party for the children: he brought soft toys, dolls for Mariam.
At the end, Nino came with bags full of groceries. She brought so many goodies to my kids: chocolate, cakes, chips, chewing gum, and jelly candies. Any child would enjoy such sweets, but I could never afford them. When Mariam saw her chewing gum, she screamed with joy.
I want to thank absolutely everyone who made my children so happy. And there are a lot of these blessed people.
“Everything is already clean, and mom is not tired at all”
- Were there any actions from local authorities, did they react to our post?
Inna: They keep silent, no one has contacted us. The state does not bother too much in taking care of us. They give us social allowance, they give us food in the social canteen, and that’s it. Local authorities help us twice a year: on Easter and on New Year. They bring us sweets and food. The holidays come to an end, but you need food all the time. How can you explain that to someone who does not want to listen?
“Hey, look what I can do! I need two more boxes.
– Inna, what do readers' help and support mean to you?
Inna: You showed me that kindness has not gone away. Humanity hasn't gone away. Even in such time. People in Georgia are very close-knit, indeed. They have problems themselves, they have difficulties, but are ready to open their hearts to others. Probably because they went through hardships themselves. You are the warmest and most caring. You give me hope that everything will be fine with my children. That I’ll be able to put them on their feet. God bless you!
The skyscraper built by Andria
- Inna, what problems were left? What do you need most in your family?
Inna: Our fridge does not work properly, sometimes it switches off. I don’t know what’s wrong with it and for how long will it endure. Maybe someone can help fix it? We need a closet or some kind of chest of drawers for clothes. We have only one broken ottoman, and things are stored there. But it doesn't fit everything. So, cabinets would be really handy to me.
"Now I'm going to eat you! I'm tired of working"
Mariam: Can children say what they need?
- Will you speak on behalf of all children? Sure, you can.
Mariam: Me and Giorgi.
Giorgi: Can we ask for a drawing set and drawing paper for us? We don't have enough of them. Mariam loves to draw, but she doesn't have enough pencils and paper. She saves them a lot, she is afraid that they will end quickly.
Mariam: Mmm. We - kids - need one smart phone for all. I'll tell you why we need that. We want to go online and watch TikTok. Can we? It is not expensive?
- We even have a page with kid’s wishes. Have you heard about it? So, you can.
Mariam: Then make a note about us too, please.
“They gave me a cookie too. Because they eat my porridge."
Can you imagine - children draw rarely because they are afraid that they will run out of pencils and an album! The family needs wardrobes. Even simple shelves will be enough to store their clothes. They constantly need food, diapers. Let's once again prove to the Esebua family that selfless help exists, that you can overcome many difficulties when supporting each other.
The good we have done will come back to us. The Lord is great and He sees everything.
Unfortunately, problems of this and other families do not end here and now... Therefore, from time to time, look through the stories of unhappy people on our website, talk to them. Every time you dial the Phone of an unhappy person, God is blessing you! For sure! Go on helping these families! This is the best service to the Lord!
        Friends, there is one more request: if you know about the misfortune of a neighbor or friend do a godly deed, drop us an email at:
        Your kindness is a chance for yourself to be happy in everything! Thanks again to all!
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Let's believe that helping others, we take care of our own souls and draw closer to Lord through the suffering that we share with them!

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