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Still quite a child and so much anguish!

The only son, 10-year-old Gigi, suffers terrible pain. Poor mother is all alone with a seriously ill son in her arms - it is a living hell for a mother. Father is a beast - he wanted to kill the child and left them alone.
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The only son, 10-year-old Gigi, suffers terrible pain. Poor mother is all alone with a seriously ill son in her arms - it is a living hell for a mother. Father is a beast - he wanted to kill the child and left them alone.

“You will love this little one, Gigi, as if he were your child! Do you hear music playing outside - this is his only joy, ”- mother Zhanna Engoyan (41-year-old), leaned over her 10-year-old son Gigi sitting in a stroller and patted him on the head.

It seemed like he was going to answer:“Mommy, mommy,”- but he can neither talk, nor walk, nor even eat by himself. Medications, injections, medical examinations - this is the life of her 10-year-old son. 

Mother does not give up, she believes in God, and she is ready to do anything for the sake of her son. But she needs our help so much! 

This poor woman dedicates all of her life to put her son on his feet. There is still a glimmer of hope in the mother's loving heart, hope for the Lord’s miracle - that her boy will be able to walk on his own and someday will utter the cherished word: “Mommy!”

- Zhanna, tell me in more detail about Gigi’s diagnosis. When did you learn that your son was sick? 

Zhanna: My son has infantile cerebral palsy, microcephaly, and optic atrophy. Gigi cannot walk, so I have to carry him in my arms or on a stroller. He cannot talk and eat by himself. 

I learned that the baby would be born unhealthy when I was six months pregnant. However, I was not scared! I didn't even think about the need to terminate the pregnancy. But it turned out that my husband had a different opinion. He insisted on getting rid of the child, otherwise - a divorce! But it was MY CHILD! A part of me! A was adamant about leaving the child! I will raise my baby myself, no matter what it will be. I will do everything to make him feel that he is loved. My son is my only joy in life. How, how could I give him up? If I carried him under my heart, and I felt him kicking and moving. 

- And what did doctors say, what forecasts did they make? 

Zhanna: Thanks to financial aid, provided by Tbilisi City Hall and Samgori District Administration, three years ago, Gigi managed to undergo a brain scan. It was extremely expensive - 800 GEL How could we afford it? Thanks a lot to the authorities! My sincerest gratitude to all the employees of the City Hall and the district administration who took the situation close to heart and agreed that the boy needed help!

After the brain scan, doctors gave me hope that the operation might significantly improve Gigi’s medical condition. However, without the necessary consultations with a neurologist and neurosurgeon, and further full medical examination, nobody will be able to make a decision regarding operation and treatment. But we have absolutely no funds for such consultations ... 

 Please, don’t break mother’s heart! Help me get off the ground and finally commence my son’s medical examination. Great is the Lord! Maybe something will become clearer. And what if the miracle happens and you become part of it? Maybe my son will manage to say “Mom” and make his first steps! 

Look, look at him how is he smiling to us. I am sure, Gigi understands everything, but he is unable to say a word. 

- What is the hardest thing in raising a child with such a disease? 

The hardest thing is to carry him on my hands since Giga is unable to walk. But he manages to move across the house crawling on his back! He enjoys doing this, perhaps it makes him feel independent. But you can see the condition of our floor, because of this, the skin on his back is torn ... That's why I do not allow it. But he doesn't listen!

I would not say that he is difficult to look after. It is more difficult to watch and listen how Gigi suffers, wake up at night from his screams, and realize that you can do nothing, absolutely nothing to help your child! It’s so difficult to realize your own helplessness.

- Zhanna, what kind of help do you and Gigi need? What can put the boy on his feet?

First of all, we need to make consultations with neurologist and neurosurgeon. After their conclusion, it will be possible to talk about a full examination at Aversi clinic, which I am dreaming of! If the neurologist and neurosurgeon give their approval, the next step will be a comprehensive diagnostics - Electroencephalography (EEG), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI),electroneurogram. We also will have to visit a speech therapist and an orthopedist. 

All that I am speaking about costs a fortune. I barely have enough money to buy diapers and basic food for my son... 

That’s why I addressed you for help! I can't do this without you! 

Why don’t you seek aid from the authorities? They did help you once.

As I said before, the authorities already helped us three years ago, when Gigi had a full CAT scan. Recently, we applied the district department for financial aid, but our request was rejected. The explanation was that due to the global pandemic the state has no budget for it.The City Hall provided us with some medications and three packs of diapers, probably trying to get rid of us for a while...But we already used all their aid. It was enough just for one month. We will be allowed to apply for aid again only next year. And they did not provide all the medications ... Gigi sleeps very badly at night, he suffers muscular pain ... I have to buy drops against insomnia by myself, it costs 30 GEL. 

But! From September Gil will be going to the Center for Early Development for massages, entertainment and exercise programs for children with disabilities. I am very happy and look forward to the start of the rehabilitation course!

- What do you live on, what is your income? 

There are four of us in the family: me, Gigi, my mother (59 years old) and my brother, who is a student. Studying for free. We have a social allowance of 220 GEL, and Gigi's disability allowance of 250 GEL, 470 GEL in total. But I had to withdraw a certain part of my son's allowance in advance to buy him a wheelchair and a stroller. He is so thin that he fits in it, and this is how we go for a walk in the fresh air. Gigi likes going outside very much, poor boy! We can't do without a stroller as he cannot walk ... 

And now we receive only half of the allowance. The major part of money goes on medication, not only for my son, but for my mother as well, she has severe diabetes. The prescribed medicines cost a lot. So we have to buy the cheapest.

-Zhanna, have you ever worked? 

After my son’s birth I quitted work as he needs special care! My mom is old and can't cope alone. Someone should lift and carry Gigi, and my mother in her condition can't lift even a twig. Recently I was offered a side job - tidying up once a week. With 100 GEL monthly salary. I know there are people to whom this money seems funny. But for us it’s a fortune! I don’t even know what I can to do.

This is not what I dreamed of, but for my child ... My God, for him I am ready to endure everything .. 

- And what did you dream of? 

I never dreamed of getting married and having kids. I wanted to be successful, earn money and provide my family. From a very young age I started working, since we were very poor. Father left my mother, with four children in her arms! I am the eldest, and I felt responsibility for everyone, for our entire family. I had to help my mother and I started working. 

I had great plans. I thought of going abroad to study, then find a good job. The difficulties were endless, and time was slipping away ... I could not leave my mother alone. As a result - I did not go.

I was 29 when I met my future husband. Rather, we were introduced. And two months later we decided to get married. I dreamed so much about having child! I was so tired of difficulties! I thought - finally, here is a person who will become my support! But he left me, just like my father ...

- Zhanna, is this apartment yours? 

 I am just dreaming of my own home! The dream which apparently will never come true...This is a rented apartment, the City Hall pays for it. Not completely - I have to add 50 GEL. It’s a pretty big amount of money for us, but what else can we do? We would not be able to pay the full rental fee of 300 GEL, ourselves I am grateful to the state for the help, indeed!

-How many rooms are here? Does Gigi have his own place?

We have two rooms here, everybody has his own bed. But Gigi cannot sleep alone, he is scared of something but he cannot say of what. My mother sleeps with him. In addition, my son often wakes up and screams because of the muscular pain. God forbid, he may start to twitch and fall out of bed!

- I see that Gigi cannot move normally, but probably he has his hobby? 

Oh, yes! Gigi is very musical! If not his musical problems, he would definitely be a musician or a dancer. As soon as music starts, Gigi starts twitching to the beat, as if dancing and humming joyfully, as if singing. My Sun! You should see it! As he is shining of happiness! 

Gigi listens to the music on my phone or on our old TV, which one can hardly hear.

- Maybe our readers could help you with this? 

Oh! It would be great if you help us to buy a new TV! I can imagine how Gigi would be happy! It would be the greatest happiness for him!

 -Zhanna, what can you say to women, who found themselves in the same hard situation, like yours? 

I want to wish them strength, a lot of strength. Let the Lord strengthen them in their faith and hope! Don’t give up! 

And one more thing...Never! Remember, never! Do not scold and do not take out your anger and sorrow on the child, it is not his fault that it happened this way! The child should always feel your love... 

- Do you believe in the kindness of strangers? 

-Yes, I do, since, I see you here now. Once iI saw your Fund’s posts on Facebook. I wrote to you without hesitation. Now you are here! I know you have helped a lot of families. A ray of hope has timidly crept into my heart ... I feel there are people who could become our support... We are so tired of loneliness and so scared of our powerlessness... 


Friends, Zhanna is a real mother-heroine! She was not afraid to face difficulties and fear. A huge responsibility fell on her fragile shoulders. Now she is in a very hard situation, and she really deserves support and help.

The family needs hygienic aids for little Gigi, as well as food, medications, and most important - the boy’s medical examination! Can we leave them to their fate? You know that anyone can find themself in poor Zhanna’s shoes. Our aim is to show, that one should fear nothing when there are kind people at their side. 

Gigi and his poor mother need us so much, friends! They are alone in this cruel world, they have no one to ask help for, but us! 

 We really hope for your help and we know that Georgia is a small country with a big heart! Let’s prove it! 

Call Zhanna, cheer her up and give her a hope for tomorrow. Phone: 555-52-31-71  Zhanna Engoyan 

Visit the family at the address: Tbilisi, Samgori district, Africa settlement 29 Chichinadze Str.

Please repost our publication. Let all your friends know about the Engoyan family and their problems! It’s extremely important!

God gives us chances to care about people who are unable to take care of themselves. Those poor people are sent to us by heaven so that we could prove that we trust in God not by words, but in deeds!

Friends, there is one more request - if you know about the misfortunes of a neighbour or friend do a godly deed, drop us an email at: 

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We have already helped many disadvantaged people! Let’s support Zhanna and Gigi, as no one is immune to bad luck! And who knows, maybe someday we ourselves will need the help of strangers!

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