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Lord, save my children from hunger...

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March 9, 2021
“It's so good that you came to visit us! - 6-year-old Tevdore runs out to meet me. - Please come another time too, okay? So that we have food and we can treat you! " “Mommy prepares yummies on a payday, - 9-year-old Anastasia explains to me. - But it happens rarely."
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  "So, it means that you don't have any food for yourself?" -  this thought crossed my mind while I looked around their creepy dwelling with shabby walls, concrete floor, old furniture. They have no amenities at all, not even a running water ... You can see an old-fashioned washing stand in the yard - no one uses such washing stands for a long time already - and huge barrels with water. "How do you live here, guys?" It is hard to believe that in modern Georgia people, and even more so children, live in such terrible conditions...

  “Today, my children are deprived of even the simplest childhood joys - sweets and toys, normal food... We just survive living paycheck to paycheck.” - Lena says bitterly. - and they need so little to be happy - just food, clothes, notebooks for school ... My only hope is Lord and good people."

- Lena, please tell us everything in order. What happened to you?

Lena: We live in terrible poverty ... Since my husband lost his job, my children have been deprived of absolutely everything. Sometimes I literally have no food for them! We have no amenities here, not even running water - we bring water from the well, but it is not suitable for drinking. We bring drinking water from our neighbors. We have no gas here and the floor is concrete - children are permanently freezing and catching colds. And the school? I can't even buy pens and notebooks for them. My poor children cannot even study, we have no money to install the Internet. My children have no clothes, no shoes, they wear whatever they give us in the monastery nearby. This house is in such a state that it is completely unsuitable for life! You can just look around ...

- How did you find yourself in such situation?

Lena: When my husband had a job, we somehow managed to make ends meet. It was difficult, but still our situation was not so desperate. They were setting up barriers along the riverbank, but then he was fired from there. The allowance we get now is enough for nothing - the children need so many things! Besides that, my mother-in-law died one year ago, the poor one - she lay for two months, suffered ... She had five minor strokes - in the end, she became unable to talk. We needed funds for her treatment, and we got into debt ... My father-in-law is also quite old, he has high blood pressure all the time - half of his pension is spent on medications.

- What about this house? Does it belong to you?

Lena: Yes, it belongs to my husband’s parents. It needs major repairs, but where can we get the money for that? It is now that we have the concrete floor, we managed to pour concrete one year ago - it was just an earth floor here before. Well, the house is old, you need a lot of money to put it in order. But thank God, we are not in the street.

–Tell me please, how did you meet your husband?

Lena: I was born and raised in Tbilisi. My mom worked as a cleaner in a large shopping center. From the age of 9 I went to work with her, helped her, and then I started cleaning the shops myself. From an early age I had a small, but my own earnings. My colleague introduced me to my husband by phone. A few days later after talking to me, Edo came to Tbilisi intending to marry me! (Laughs.) He is 10 years older, than me. He did not beat around the bush, he just said that his intentions were very serious. He offered me to leave together. We got married after two weeks. I immediately liked him, and, you know, I never regretted it! He is a wonderful husband and father, he is attentive, caring, kind. If it were not for money problems, there would be no woman happier than me!

- You probably never thought that you would find yourself in such a situation?

 Lena: Not, of course. We have a friendly family, and our children, thanks God, are healthy. What else can you dream of? If my husband and I had a job with the modest, but stable salary, we would somehow cope with it. But because of this virus, my husband cannot find even a part-time job.

– Does anybody help you? Parents or relatives?

Lena: My father-in-law needs care and attention himself - he is quite old. My mother is also aged, she is no longer working ... I have sisters, but they also have young children. Who should I ask for help?

- And what about strangers? Maybe there are people around you who help you just from the bottom of their hearts?

Lena: You know, our village is poor, everyone has a hard life. We do not have a cow, but our neighbor does, so, twice a week, sometimes even more often she gives us some milk or a piece of cheese. God bless her! Otherwise, my children would eat only pasta ... Another kind neighbor often treats us to khachapuri or pastry. I am so grateful to them because our diet is very modest. When I get the allowance, I try to buy a little bit of everything. I buy one chicken and try to stretch it for a long time. Separately I make broth for the soup, so that they do not eat dry food; I divide the meat into portions and add it to rice or pasta. Of course, they also want something tasty - sweets, candies, but we can very rarely afford this ...

– Lena, what is your income?

Lena: Social allowance and my father-in-law's pension, that's it! It is barely enough to pay utilities bills, buy food, and medicine for my father-in-law...

- Did you address the local authorities for help?

Lena: You know, when my youngest son found himself in the intensive care unit and he needed treatment, I knocked all the doors, but no one paid attention to me ... I don't ask for help anymore, there is no point...

- Are you talking about Gabriel? What happened to him?

Lena: It is still difficult to explain what happened. I had a C-section in Kutaisi. When my baby was born, he could not cry, so they put him in the intensive care unit and did not show him to me for two days. The doctor told me that my baby was not long for this world and listed a bunch of his terrible diagnoses: cerebral edema, heart defect, intestinal problems; his kidneys and lungs were not working... So, they took him to the Tbilisi clinic, and I was left in the maternity hospital due to some complications. I prayed so much then; I cried a lot then!... And can you imagine, that one week later, when I finally managed to come to my boy, they told me that it was just sepsis, but everything would be fine, and Gabriel would be discharged from the hospital completely healthy? Is not this a miracle? God bless the doctors! He was literally saved from the jaws of death.... And I'm sure miracles work through prayer! Today my baby is completely healthy, he rarely even catches a cold.

- You are very religious...

Lena: Right, there is a church of St. George in our village, we often go there for services. There is also a nunnery where the kindest nuns live - they always give me clothes for children and not only for them, they always compassionate me, comfort me with their kind words ... Sometimes they even give me some foodstuffs.

- Tell me about your children, please.

Lena: They are wonderful ... (Lena's eyes lit up with happiness.) Anastasia is a good student - she even received a certificate for her diligence in the first and second forms. Tevdore went to first form this year. Well, he was admitted, but schools are closed. We do not have the Internet, so he missed the first semester, it is difficult for him to read and write. I'm trying to help him, but, you know, that’s not it at all... I hope they will finally open the schools and we will be able to catch up with the curriculum. Well, I have already told you about Gabriel. He is so affectionate and smart ...

– Can I talk to them, please? Anastasia, you are the oldest. What is your favorite school subject? What are your hobbies?

Anastasia (9-year-old): I love school very much, most of all I like mathematics, I love to solve problems. I also enjoy painting and dancing. I even went to a dance club, but you need so much there - uniform, special footwear... So, I had to quit.

– What will you become when you grow up?

Anastasia: Math teacher. Our teacher is very kind and good, and I will be like she, the children will love me!

Tevdore (6-year-old): I will become a rescuer! I will save people in a fire!

- You mean a fireman?

Tevdore: No! A rescuer, I will save everyone who is in trouble. If they suddenly fall into a hole or something ...

- What a brave boy! What are you dreaming about, Tevdore?

Tevdore: I want a car and many-many sweets!

- What kind of car do you want?

Tevdore: Not too big, not too small, medium size, and green...

- What about you, Anastasia?

Anastasia: I want a doll, one that sings and dances, with multi-colored hair, I saw it on TV ...

- Gabriel, would you talk to me? Could you tell me, what are you dreaming about?

Anastasia: (Laughs.) Nope, he is shy ... And he doesn’t speak very well yet, but we understand him! I'll tell you, he also loves cars and sweets, of course. We all love sweets, but mom rarely buys them to us. Only on a payday...

Tevdore: Will you come to visit us again? The next time come when my mom gets money - she will prepare delicious food then, and we will treat you!

- I will come for sure, dear! I promise you! And you Lena, what are you dreaming about?

Lena: Despite of everything I dream that my children will have a decent future, that they will grow up to be good people and find their own way in life. I pray for that day and night ... My heart hurts for them ... I want them to have delicious food, new clothes, and shoes, toys; I want them to have the house - may be small, but warm, clean, and cozy. Every time we look forward to the allowance payday to buy something. Now, for instance, I can’t even buy notebooks and pens for them. I feel ashamed that I cannot provide them with the most basic things...

– What do you need first of all? How can we help you?

Lena: Lord, it is so embarrassing to ask ... If it were not for the children, not for the dire need, I would never have bothered anyone. We will be grateful for any help! Children are always malnourished; they cannot study because we have no Internet... And now they stay home because of the virus, and we do not even have a TV set ... (Lena stammered.)

- Speak up, Lena, do not be shy - we came here to help you ...

Lena: We have no beds, the five of us - me, my husband and the children sleep on one ... A bread maker would be a great help, I could bake bread myself and save money - flour costs much cheaper... And a washing machine is just a dream! Ours is very old and good for nothing... Foodstuffs and the Internet for children are the most important things, the rest is just luxury. I have heard so many good things about your Fund - you really help people in trouble. I know that everyone is experiencing difficult times now. I couldn’t believe my ears when you called me and said that you would come to visit us. The hope that you can help my children too ... Thank you for coming, listening, and empathizing. God bless you!


  Friends, the Kheladze family lives in unbearable conditions, in an old house; where is no water or gas, and where the floor is concrete. Three-year-old Gabrielle, 6-year-old Tevdore and 9-year-old Anastasia are deprived of absolutely everything, they are constantly malnourished, wear rags, children have no opportunity to study, and they can only dream of sweets and toys! But it is in our power to bring those children their childhood back so that they smile and rejoice again!

  The Kheladze family needs any help: foodstuffs, beds, TV, washing machine - the most basic things. They do not need either wealth or luxury, their dreams are very modest.

  You can visit them and provide all possible help to the Kheladze family. Their address is: Lanchkhuti municipality, village Nigvziani.

  Please repost our publication. Let your friends know about the grief of this family! It’s extremely important!

  God gives us chances to care about people who are unable to take care of themselves. Do not pass by someone else's trouble! Those poor people are sent to us by heaven so that we could prove not by words, but in deeds that we trust in God!

  Friends, there is one more request : if you know about the misfortune of a neighbor or friend do a godly deed, drop us an email at: office-fsp@fsp.ge.

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    We have already helped many disadvantaged people! Let’s support the Kheladze family too, as no one is immune to bad luck! And who knows, maybe someday we ourselves will need help of strangers!

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