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Mom saves my life every night in winter!

March 23, 2021
“It’s true, sir,” - sighs 12-year-old Salome - a real beauty - hiding her serious and sad eyes. – “I cover my head with a blanket and snuggle up to mommy, but we just can't get warm!” Visiting this family, we found ourselves in a tiny, wretched room where poor Tinatin huddles with her two lovely daughters - one-year-old Nini and 12-year-old Salome. “Don’t take off your jackets, it’s freezing here like outside. Children constantly get sick ... I am embarrassed to admit that we don't even have a bed, my eldest daughter and I sleep on the floor,” - the unfortunate mother says with tears in her eyes, while I furtively look around this creepy room with peeling walls and a collapsed ceiling. “How can children live here?” - this question does not get out of my head.
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