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Guys, today we’ve got only bread again...

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September 29, 2021
- Mother Nino says without hiding her tears. - Mom, the holiday is coming soon, don't cry, - Goderdzi soothes her. And Barbara strokes her mother on the head. It’s coming soon... - sighs Nino.
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Guess what they brought us! Just don't read!

 The new jacket suits Barbara much better than the old, faded trousers and worn jacket. She looks so good with new hair clips and a new hairstyle! She doesn’t even want to fight with her brother Goderdzi, because her mood is now good, not whiny, and not sad. Well, maybe only tease Goderdzi out of habit.

 Goderdzi also forgot how to frown and forgot how cocky he is. And his eyes are cheerful, not frowning. He certainly forgot it! He tries to get angry, but he can't. Because when life becomes brighter and happier, and there are less problems, no one wants to be sad and angry.

 When strangers call and say: “We love you!”, “We are with you!”, “What do you need?”, “How can I help you?”; all resentment and anger go away. When they bring you gifts and fulfill your wishes that no wizard wanted to fulfill - a new cool TV, refrigerator, blender, bread baking machine - how to not smile, how to not rejoice?! Finally it worked! The Makishvili family, which has been living in poverty for a long time (, has chosen the right magicians - our readers!

 - Guys, are you happy with the gifts?


 We really like TV. I want to watch cars all the time, and Barbara watches cartoons about princesses and won't give me the remote control (laughs).

  - Are you quarreling?


- We quarrel a little bit, not as much as before, but then I give in. She is still my sister.

Okay, I won't block you! Our new electric oven!

- Have you baked anything in the oven?


- Yes, cookies.

 -  Did you like it? Did they taste good?


- Very much, I almost immediately ate everything, while they were still warm, straight from the oven. I left a little bit for Goderdzi.  They were so delicious. We also baked a cake. It’s a very tasty thing. Previously, my mother had nothing to make it with. And then you gave us a lot of flour. 10 bags! Mom put the cake in our new fridge, but it didn't stay there for long. I opened it and cut a piece. Then Goderdzi, then me again... And so it ended.

Barbara seems to be heavier than you!

  - Do you help your mom with baking?


- Yes! She couldn't have baked it without me! I broke 2 eggs, then I mixed them, then I brought flour... Then my hands got tangled in the dough, and my mother said: "That's enough, well done."

  Nino (laughs):

- They pretend to help me (hush, so that they would not hear).

 “Our house is like in the movies! It's so big!”

  - Guys, when you grow up, will you do the same that our kind readers did - will you help others?


– Yes, I will help poor grandmothers and children who have no food.

  - You are very kind children, to whom would you give gifts if you had a lot of money?


- For mommy - a good phone and a bed. She sleeps with us, and we push her with our legs at night (smiles).

  And for your brother?


- A small car for my brother. Or nothing at all! Let's see how he behaves!


- Then I won’t give you anything, just sit there! My sister ate a lot of sweets that they brought us, but she has not become sweeter yet. See how malignant she is.

   - Nino, how did your life change after you contacted our Fund and the post about you was published?


- The day when you brought us the gifts was a real holiday. I am very grateful to everyone. I have no idea what would have happened to us if not for your Fund. Where and when would we get such gifts?! Children are happy, we bake delicious bread. They felt the comfort of home. They stopped worrying and thinking about the bad. I am happy seeing how happy they are. Every time when someone from the Fund is going to come to visit us, my children get endlessly happy.

Now let's assemble this thing


- We also like it when new friends come. Aunt Nino is our new friend. She gave me beautiful clothes. Dresses, jacket. Also, toys, cookies ... And her name is like my mother’s name.


- Aunt Nino also became friends with me. She loves me too!


- She loves both of you (smiles). Many people loved my twins and took care of them. Thank you for taking such a care of my kids. They lacked attention, joy. Only in Georgia can they empathize, love, help like that. I was full of confidence that the Fund's readers would help my children. With you I feel safe and hope for the best. Thank you for letting my children feel the joy, for showing them a different, good life.

“Mom, read what to attach to what”

 - Nino, did the local authorities somehow respond to our post? Did they react in any manner?


- They did not react at all. We have been living in a strange house for many years. I wrote to them so many times, but absolutely no one responds! But when my children play, they always draw a house, you know?!

-  Which of the gifts was the most important? And what else do you need? What problems can't you cope with?


- Most of all we needed a TV. My children haven’t had a chance to even watch cartoons. They were deprived of everything... They wanted TV so much - they asked for at least some. And suddenly, we got a plasma TV. They started to hug it with joy! (laughs). They wipe the screen and take care of it. The screen is so big - as if we have our own cinema.

  Our old refrigerator was good for nothing - it did not cool anything, and there were puddles under it. The new one freezes very quickly and works great. I even watch my children to not eat things that are too cold (smiles). They also brought us a bread maker, which I really asked for. How good and attentive you are! You did not forget my words.

“The curd snack is so cold, my mouth is frozen!”

 I don’t have gas yet, and I have to cook using electricity. Social allowance is not enough to connect the gas...

  I had 10 bags of flour, I baked bread. But we must save money, because last time the bill for electricity was 100 GEL. I took the social allowance in advance, and that's how I paid. We don't have hot water. To bathe the children, I heat water with electricity, take them to the bathroom, then bathe them and put them to sleep in warmth. This is how we usually bathe. I wash laundry in cold water. I just put my hands in warm water to warm them, and then wash again...

We all sleep in one bed, we have no chairs. If there is old furniture, this is not a problem for us. As long as it's strong.


 Even if Nino hadn't shyly said about the remaining problems, we still know very well that the problems haven't disappeared. They have nothing to sleep and sit on, they do not have the most basic furniture - beds, chairs. They have no gas and hot water. A single mother with such a meager social allowance would never be able to cope with such difficulties alone. The kids are still so little. Goderdzi and Barbara smile so wonderfully when they feel good, they rely on us so much and look for support in us. May our protection continue to be with them. Friends, please, let’s keep helping them and stay close. Thank you so much for what you do for this and many other families!

  Friends, there is one more request: if you know about the misfortune of a neighbor or friend do a godly deed, drop us an email at:

  Your kindness is a chance for yourself to be happy in everything!

Friends, thanks again to all of you!




(purpose: Nino Makishvili)

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