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Treatment or starving to death!

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December 2, 2021
There are five little children in the Bagalishvili family. The sixth is about to be born. Four children are sick. Not helplessly yet. But they’ll become soon. When there is no money to buy them food or clothes, it is in no way possible to carve out funds for a doctor, for tests, for the trip to the hospital, for medications. The monthly social allowance is enough either for flour and cheap food, or for the treatment of one child. Mom Nunu (35 years old) told me about these terrible things. And I try to imagine what a choice she faces every day. “It feels like they gave me a gun and said: "Choose who to kill." If you want to treat Tamara and Tengo - Temuri, Tika and Tornike will starve to death. And if you want your children to be well-fed (actually “well-fed” - this is too strong word), then it will be impossible to treat them. Something like that". Have you ever faced such a choice? What would you choose? Please advise!
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